Sacramento Piano Movers: Important Things to Consider When Moving Your Piano



Remember that piano moving is not like any other furniture, it needs careful moving. It will be expensive replacing a key, wire or other piano components if broken because of mishandling. It weighs hundred to thousands of pounds, so rely on a professional to help you because there is a high risk of getting an injury if you don’t use the proper tools and equipment. The best way to make sure your piano is safe when moving is hiring professional movers who are expert and experienced when moving pianos and possibly Piano Refinishing.

Depending on the weight and the size of your piano, the cost of hiring the services of a piano move ranges between $100 up to $1000. For an upright piano, the base rate starts $100, and for grand pianos $200. Almost all fully assembled pianos are not going to fit through around corners and doors, so they need to be disassembled. Moving a piano would need special dollies and boards that can move hundreds or thousands of pounds across a floor. It is important to ask for cartage insurance to cover any damages on your piano while it is in transit or being moved. Insurance may also cover automotive, commercial, and worker’s compensation insurance. Before scheduling your piano move, ask for a bill of lading indicating the full terms and conditions.

You can expect that a Sacramento Piano Moving company must use tools like ramps, skids, slings, and pads which are specifically designed for moving pianos. If you have a small piano, it is transported as one piece, whereas grand and concert pianos need to be dismantled. An experienced piano mover wraps the instrument, securing it into specialty piano boards. A piano mover slowly moves the piano up or down the stairs. In some situations, a crane can be used in hoisting the piano to or from a higher floor especially those buildings without any elevator. Always ensure to do a thorough inspection when moving you piano and talk to the moving company before they leave. Also remember that temperature and humidity may affect the tuning, sound, and performance of your piano, so it is important to consider when planning where to place your piano in your home.

When choosing a moving company, it is important to consider the reputation, credentials, tools, equipment, insurance, customer support, and the cost of moving. If you are looking for a trusted, reputable, and reliable moving company, feel free to contact us or view our website for more information.


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